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Tecnologia da informação

AI & IT solutions


Aciassystem is one company with multiple projects:

  1. Import & Export.

  2. AI & IT solutions.


Our investments in Brazilian products such as sugar, chicken, beef, pork, and soybeans, has raised up since 2018, and even though we are exporting our products to the whole world, our big market is still China.

Our focus is to make our business secure, and to give our clients the best products and services.

China is importing almost %50 of Brazilian production of most of the products, and we try to expand our investments to meet the constantly growing needs of our Chinese clients, as the global ones.

Our direct partnerships with many factories and producers in Brazil, aside with our wide investments, are giving us the ability and the flexibility in processing every purchase order, passing through all difficulties, and using all facilities to build strong and long term business relationships with all our current and new clients.

However, with the trust of our clients, and with the hard efforts of our qualified and experienced team, we made our business grow up, as we are make the business of our clients grow up.

Our investments in the AI & ERP systems have started to pay off since we launched our first ERP system in Brazil, and our big AI project of building our seach engine brought many eyes, where it depends on the AI, block chain, language recognition, image recognition, health researches, physiological studies, and many other new and innovative techonologies and theories.

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