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Acias Search Engine

   Acias has started developing a huge and unprecedented search engine hand by hand with its import nad export project.

The search engine works for its own, by discovering the personality of the user, recording his activities on the internet, and then act as if it were the user himself, to give him what he needs before he asks or looks for.

   It is a new technology we can call: “electronic self-awareness”, for Acias search engine is like an aware robot, clever, and automated deep learning machine.

   Therefore, Acias search engine helps the user in every single aspect of his life (Education, Work, Social relations, Health Sport, etc), automatically and without spending much time surfing the internet.

   AI, Deep Learning, Language recognition, Image recognition, Block-Chain, and many other technologies are well involved.    Thus the life on the internet will be more valuable, safer, and it will save both effort and time, to make everything completely automated.

   Acias will discover what type of personality the user has, and then it looks for what this type of personality needs to be success in her life. Then Acias will come back to the user with these answers:


Education: It will tell him what is the best science he could be good at? And what is the best university to study this science in particular?


Social relationships: What kind of friends he could like (because Acias will match the types of personalities that blend in with one another, and able to build long-term social relationships, and then offer them to get to know each other).


Work: According to the type of personality the user has: Acias will know what kind of jobs he could be good at, (depending on the science the user could be good at as well) then Acias will look for a job automatically and offer the user the best jobs opportunities, and the user should only choose.

   The same thing will be applied on the other aspects of the user’s life.

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