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The future of our children

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The future of our children

Are our children surfing the internet safely?

Are their parents could leave them use the internet without keeping their eyes on them?

What does the internet give to our children in the age of AI?

These three basic questions lead us to think about the future of our children, and how can the internet be useful and safe for them in the third millennium AD.

All of what Acias search engine is focusing on is how to protect children, keep them safe, and at the same time put in their hands the latest innovational technologies, and the latest results of all sciences.

Developmental psychology is well involved at Acias to supervise the child’s growing up through his education life.

Safety & security:

Acias search engine uses language recognition technology, and image recognition technology to supervise every single word is being sent to the child while he is chatting with other people on the internet, and getting learning or discovering. Thus, it automatically prevents any illegal or attitudes, or unethical against him, and any of sexual materials (words, images, videos) will not reach his profile at all.

Acias stands like the guard of the child, keeping him safe from any kind of harassment, seduction, violence, and any other activity could heart him.

From the other side, nobody can use Acias without full registration, which means (identity check, personal information check, etc), which means that all Acias’ users are real and well known people, thus, when any illegal or unethical activity happens against the child, a message will be sent to his both parents, with all the details about the

As well as Acias depends on the principle of rating the user’s profile, which means every user will race to get the highest evaluation for his profile to enjoy the greatest benefits, therefore, the user will lose many stars of his profile when trying doing this kind of undesirable activities on the internet.

Education & pedagogy:

Learning through play is one of the principles Acias espouses and relies on for the education of the child. For it grows with him as he grows up, giving him what he needs in his age and at his education level. It shows him many games to improve his mental and social skills,

Thus, instead of keeping our eyes on our children while using the internet, we will invite and encourage them to use it, for the highest level of security that Acias provides.

In addition, Acias includes a full remote education system for children, allows them to keep in touch with all of their teachers and friends, and enjoying the clubs that Acias provides, and the entertainment and education activities in groups, and many others.

Acias works to develop the child's social values, concepts of love and cooperation, participation and communication.


Acias includes an advanced psychological analyzing system, depends on the AI, Deep learning, and many other impressive technologies. Thus it will have strong description of the personality of the child within one month of using, or perhaps less.

All the information Acias gets, are being sent automatically to the parents, therefore Acias will keep them supervising the psychological situation of their child all the time.

Acias send the recurring reports to the parents about every single aspect of their child’s life (education, health, sport, social relations, skills, etc) and keep them up-to-date.

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