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Dear Client

Whether you are an importer, factory, agent, broker or representative, your information should be registerd in our system, in order to start any negotiation.

Our procedures are stable and secure, for our goal is giving always the best.

Being registered at our company will give you the following benefits:

  1. You will be a verified client so you will be able to apply for quotations and send inquiries without any obstacles or more verification steps.

  2. Security of documents transaction and avoid documents forgery.

  3. Quickness in processing your purchase orders and priority in our client service center.

  4. Depending on the information will be provided, our company can give the opportunity to make a long term partnership and give the chance to our verified clients to participate in our future projects and investments.

In order to start, it is easy and quick, just follow the steps:

1- Registration: 
Our new clients will have to be registered in our system through filling client registration form.

send us an email to informing whether you are a buyer or a broker,
and you will receive your registration formwithin 48 hours.

2- Verification:
We will search our new client’s company and verify the documents.

3- Negotiation:
When the client’s application is approved he will be informed
and the negotiations will start immediately.

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