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Who we are


We made our decision to build our company and we started studying the market in Brazil, sugar production, suppliers, factories, financial situation, technology, delivery logistics, terms of payments, banks relations, risks, benefits, investments, and the general international negotiations procedures.

As any new project, we have faced many obstacles and difficulties, but the door was open, and the chance was in our hands.

We started with commercial intermediary businesses, and we decided not to register our company before gaining the enough experience, and before building a stable and secure system for our company. And we were studying how will we establish our company while we have two different projects to build: Import & Export, and Artificial intelligence & ERP system.

Will we open two separated companies? Or one company with two projects?

And we passed much time studying the idea, and analyzing the results that we could gain from each option.


we started studying how will we build our ERP system, to give our clients the best accounting software, and the best options to manage their businesses easily but with accurate results and professional reports, side by side with the best price for our products and services.

And then we started, we brought professional programmers, marketing team, and accountants, and we started the job.

Import and export:

Our most difficult decision was to decide which products we will invest in, deal, and export. And the chances was all in front of us, waiting for our hand to choose, and we have chosen.

We decided to deal with the following five products:

  1. Sugar.

  2. Soybeans.

  3. Chicken.

  4. Beef

  5. And pork.

We have received in 2019 many purchase orders of Oil, sulfur, and many others, but we have decided not to supply, for we have to focus on our products, keep observing the market, and follow our stable plan to grow up.

We were never looking to the current profits, and the amount of orders or deals we had, for we were always looking for the future of what we are planting. For we have always believed: that every business is like a plant, it must grow up, or die.

Since then, we started studying very closely the production of these five products in Brazil, from A to Z, and we started connecting the factories directly, negotiating, offering deals, making meetings and visits, and signing agreements.

We made a mistake in this year when we were depending on trading companies all the time, and we realized that the only way for us to grow is FACTOIRES.

We could have a direct connect with two factories of sugar, one of chicken, but no one of soybeans, no one of beef, and no one of pork as well.

So we doubled our efforts, and started focusing on finding our suppliers, search them, verify them, and then making our agreements with them, for how would we enter to the market while we do not have suppliers yet?

That was our focus, and this was what we were doing all the time: preparing our company to enter to the international market.

We knew that having a client could be easy, but who will supply to him? Who has the product?

And we realized that the demand is much more than the supply, and for this reason we focused on having our own shares from the annual production of the factories, to guarantee that when we will have a client, we will absolutely have the product.

Registering a company at the government and having an export license could be done within 15 days in Brazil, but preparing the company to enter to the market has taken three years.


In this year we decided to build one company for our two projects, for we discovered that they are well connected, and each one will take and give to the other.

And we through the seeds to build a software for the international import and export business, in order to make all the operations be automated. To save time for both clients and suppliers, make the business more secure, safe, and with the less risks, and to make all procedures quick, flexible and easy.

We enjoy doing our job, and feel excited about every step we take, especially when we saw that our efforts started to pay off.

And in this year we could make agreements with 26 factories of sugar, 5 of chicken, 3 of beef, and 3 of pork.


In March 2020 we built the company, to start as a AI and ERP company, in order just to give us the first batch to move forward, for the AI & ERP market was closer to us, and we had many things to do for our import & Export business.

So we kept going ahead as independent brokers, reading, writing, contacting people and companies, learning from the mistakes that the other companies’ mistakes, and doing our best not to walk on the same way, but to create our company to be different, new and modern, using all what we have in our hands of experience, technology, and systems.

In this year we launched our Accounting Software, (our first ERP edition), and we could gain 17 clients within 4 months, and we were very happy when we saw our software is being used by our clients. And this gave us another batch to keep moving forward.

And at the end of this year, we realized that everything is ready now to transform our company to an import and export one, by adding this business to our company’s profile.

In this year we started studying two projects for our import & Export business:

  1. Stock market:

According to the stable law in business which says: ‘’Diversify income resources’’ and according to the law of focus in marketing, and in order to have more control on the sugar market and more benefits, we decided to invest in the sugar stock market, and we started to build our strategy.

  1. Our own warehouses for sugar in the middle east and china:

Many clients in middle east as in china, are requesting sugar to import to their countries by containers, but importing sugar from Brazil by containers is more expensive than buying it from the country of destination itself, for the importers who import sugar from Brazil with huge quantities, able to get it with lower price, and sell it by container to their clients with a less price.

And according to our plan of grow, we decided to have our own warehouses of sugar in the countries that are considered as our main market.

And we planned to have:

  • One warehouse in Oman/Salalah Port, and one in Egypt: in order to supply sugar to the middle east.

  • Three warehouses in china: And the first one will be in Shanghai.


And at the end of this year, we had connections and agreements with 36 factories of sugar, 6 factories of chicken, 5 of beef, and 4 of pork.


In January 2021, we transformed our company to be an Import & Export one, side by side with the AI & ERP systems development. And it was a turning point for our business, as for its future. And the most important point, the most amazing thing we gained was: trust.

In this year our system for the procedures of export has become ready and under use, for we have created a new system for our company which as we pretend: there is no company has created this system before.

Our system aims to register our new clients in our system, for they have to fill in The Client Registration Form, which is a document all our new clients have to fill it in, and send us their company registration certificate, import certificate, and other certificates or license if requested.

The same thing for brokers, agents, and representatives.

After registration, we verify our new clients, search them, and study their eligibility to make business.

Our system avoids the risk of fraudulent documents, unconfirmed information, bogus purchase orders, customers who do not have the legal right to import, or commercial intermediaries claiming to represent certain companies, etc.

On the other hand, our system gave our clients more confortable business, and more secure deals, and made our negotiations with them go easily, and get much of success.

We grew up thanks to the trust of our clients,
and we are growing up in order for our clients to trust us.

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